April 24, 2014


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Do John Schools Really Decrease Recidivism? A methodological critique of an evaluation of the San Francisco First Offender Prostitution Program

A growing number of governments are creating “john schools” in the belief that providing men with information about prostitution will stop them from buying sex, which will in turn stop prostitution and trafficking. John schools typically offer men arrested for soliciting paid sex the opportunity (for a fee) to attend lectures by health experts, law [Read More...]

Protecting “Children” in Southern Benin? Anti-Trafficking Policy in Need of Politics and Participation

Neil Howard follows Issue Paper 5 on children and adolescents with an important story about the failures of the international child protection establishment to adequately protect the teenage labour migrants it defines as trafficked in Benin. *** Introduction and Research Context Child trafficking began to emerge as a ‘problem issue’ in Benin at the start [Read More...]

Review of Prabha Kotiswaran’s “Dangerous Sex, Invisible Labor: Sex Work and the Law in India”

Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms Magazine and a veteran of the U.S. feminist movement, during her recent trip to India expressed her strong concern over the ‘global epidemic of trafficking’ and mentioned that Indian sex workers are the most exploited and underprivileged group in the country. She calls prostitution as “bodily invasion” and conflates prostitution [Read More...]

Issue Paper 5: Children, Adolescents and Human Trafficking: Making sense of a complex problem

This Issue Paper presents current knowledge about the scope and meaning of child trafficking. Although it might seem to be a simple subject to describe, it is not. First, there is the question of what a ‘child’ is. The international definition in the Convention on the Rights of the Child defines a ‘child’ as a [Read More...]