April 20, 2014

Is human trafficking really the third most profitable business for organized crime?

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THE CLAIM: “Trafficking in persons is now the third most profitable business for organized crime.”  UN Office on Drugs and Crime (2000) “…it is now the third largest source of profits for international organized crime, behind only drugs and guns.”  U.S. Department of State (2000) “…migrants’ smuggling becomes a very attractive market for criminal organisations. [Read More...]

Did Germany’s legalized prostitution raise the number of trafficking cases as often claimed?

By Baerbel Heide Uhl, November 9, 2010. In an article in the Human Rights Examiner, Youngbee Kim reported that “German chief police reported yesterday sex trafficking is on the rise in the country. The chief officer also said that sex trafficking has increased 11 percent from last year and 70% over five year period. While [Read More...]